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Your Host

Owner: Rodney Farnsworth III
252-363-8626 Voice and Text
Click here to email us


Property Info.

Beach House: The Nature Amphitheater

Beach Pagoda House ZEN Retreat

282 Sound View Drive, Cedar Island 28520
Land Line Phone 252-881-0002
Wi-FI = RoundHouse // Password = beachfun (confirmed 9/16)
HomeAway.com    Beach House Listing # 3917012 At:

Water Front Cottage (Won’t bust your vacation Budget)

455 Lola Rd., 28520
Land Line Phone: 252-881-0003
HomeAway.com    Lola Waterfront Cottage Listing # 3917015 At:


Keys and Access

Key Lock Box Location

Small Black box, inside the porch, next to the screen entrance door.

Beach House:
Three feet to the right of the front entrance door, at eye level

Key Lock Box Instructions

  • Open the key pad weather cover.
  • Push the “reset” twice (the bottom most button below the keypad).
  • Enter the entry “number” on the keypad.
  • Push down the silver lock box door release button at the very top, above the number pad, and pull the door forward.
  • Open the door to the lock box key compartment:

To close the lock box: Repeat the operation above but hold down on the silver latch button until the door is completely closed. Release but, and check that the lock box is locked. Close the weather cover. (important because blowing sand will jam the box and salt air corrodes it)

Popular Blog & News

Guide to Duck Hunting on Cedar Island

YouTube Videos

Horse Riding on Cedar Island Beach (40 Seconds)

“Broker Video” has fun video of Cedar Island and adjoining uninhabited Islands. 6 Minutes


  • All reservations are made by phone to ensure my personal attention to your needs.
  • Please call the owner: Rodney, on my private cell phone
    252-363-8626    Call 8 AM to 8 PM EST or email for more information
    Reservation confirmation and receipts are sent by email.

Payment Info.

Payment Methods

  • Master Card and Visa are accepted. Direct deposit or wire transfer arraigned. Pay Pal is a last resort.
  • Person Checks are acceptable when booking more than 60 days in advance. However “Snail Mail” has reliability issues.
    Send Checks to:
    Rodney Farnsworth III
    161 Edinboro St,
    Newton, MA 02460-1337

Payment Timing

  • A 50% “reservation payment” is required to hold your dates.
  • Final payment is due 90 days before your vacation.
  • Reservations less than 90 days in advance are paid in full.

Vacation Lease and Payment Terms

  • Rental terms are not chiseled in stone. We are always try to accommodate out guests reasonable needs. Our usual financial arrangements (below) apply unless special agreements are made.

The Golden Rule

Please treat out home like it is your home. We will always warmly welcome our guests. Please forgive the necessitates of contract law. Our objective is to be your gracious host and provide an exceptional vacation value and treasured memories.

Damage Deposit Payment

  • Damage deposits discourage destructive people (you know who you are) from renting. In four years, I have never had to keep a damage deposit. Amen.
  • The “Damage Deposit” is often waived for repeat guests, or persons with excellent credit scores.
  • New Guests can submit a check for the damage deposit. The check will not be cashed unless there is damage, and the check will be destroyed or returned per your request.
  • OR we can charge your credit card. This charge will be released from your credit card when you depart. This policy is designed to create no financial hardship for our responsible guests. The separate un-cashed check is simplest.

Damage Deposits by property:

  • Waterfront Cottage Damage Deposit: $300
  • Beach House Damage Deposit: $500.

Why book “Through Home Away.com”

Or “Vacation Rental by Owner.com”

  • In spring 2016, the Multi-National Travel Corporate Conglomerate “Expedia” made a corporate raid on virtually every large and small vacation booking website, including Home Away (VRBO) “Vacation Rental by Owner”, Flipkey and 250 others. You name it, they own it. See the Website “Travago” list of sights they search, every one is an Expedia shill, swept up in the corporate raid. See Wikipedia / Expedia for more details.
  • a dozen others. Expedia does “data mining”, up-selling and wants your credit card information. The business model treats owners who take direct payment “differently.
  • Expedia is try to mimic the Air B&B business model, which takes “fees” totaling up to 42% (while advertising only a 3% fee). It is sad to see another great American Businesses destroyed by corporate raiders and destroyed for expedient and extraordinary greed with such brazen criminality.
    • “Expedia” and Air BNB takes the money, holds it, and takes fees that are multiples of the lawful statutory real estate rental brokers fees, suppresses honest feed back and enforces total anonymity with vindictive retaliation against anyone who complains for points out the criminal conduct, huge accounting errors and sending motorcycle gangs that destroy owners houses, then suppress the owners reviews and tell the owners they should have bought the usuriously priced renters insurance for protection from the anonymous motorcycle gangs that destroyed theirs house. Please help honest hosts and guests bankrupt these criminals. I am a licensed, bonded Real Estate broker and would loose my license in a heart beat and possibly face jail time if I did any of these things. This is not competition. It is government sponsored corporate monopolism at it’s worst.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • All cancellations must be made 90 days prior to your vacation, for a refund. Sorry for this restriction, but most guests reserve many months in advance. Your vacation rental is reserved specifically for you and may only be transferred with the owners knowledge and written permission.
  • Weather related cash refunds are per diem and only for government ordered evacuations of this property. This owner makes good faith efforts to time shift your vacation dates, or offer equivalent time and upgrades, acceptable to the guest, in the rare event of an evacuation order.
  • A $200 “reservation fee” will be deducted from any refund.

Additional Guest Fee:

The hospitality industry standard pricing is per person. My base rate pricing presumes a couple is vacationing (double the hospitality industry standard). Additional persons pay a nominal up-charge, like most motels

It really does cost more to provide extra clean linens, extra cleaning services, and extra ware on the house. But the septic maintenance is the largest additional expense in wilderness rentals. It has cost me approximately $6,000 per year for septic maintenance and upgrades. Simply put: more people = more poop. Sorry for the graphic equation.

Dog kennels charge $40 per day for a cage. I am providing a memorable waterfront vacation for your loved ones, at a fraction of the cost of a dog kennel cage. You are enjoying a waterfront vacation home, for the price of a Hotel 6 or a Holiday Inn bedroom with a view of the highway. It is a great value, even after the Governor gets his “pound of flesh”.


Vacation Planning Info.

Average Temperatures Cedar Island

Obtained from http://countrystudies.us/united-states/weather/

Nearby Beaufort NC Weather Info

US Geography / US Weather / North Carolina Weather / Beaufort


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 54° 56° 64° 70° 77° 84° 86° 86° 84° 75° 67° 58°
Avg. Low 35° 36° 44° 50° 60° 68° 72° 71° 66° 56° 46° 38°
Mean 45° 47° 54° 61° 68° 76° 80° 78° 75° 66° 57° 48°
Avg. Precip. 4.6 in 4.3 in 4.0 in 2.9 in 4.6 in 4.4 in 6.8 in 6.3 in 5.3 in 3.9 in 3.7 in 4.3 in

Car Rentals

Enterprise. Rent-A-Car 252-240-0218 x 4 // 7:30 AM – 6PM

5273 Hwy 70 W, Morehead City, NC 28557
They have a few 4×4’s (off road use may be restricted)

Driving Here

Driving onto the Island

There is a highway bridge onto Cedar Island. It is part of North Carolina Route 12 and the Federal designated “Outer Banks Scenic Seashore Byway” Large colorful signs will direct you. The scenery surpasses the outer banks highway, as you travel the last 30 miles to Cedar Island.

The route 12 highway bridge is the easiest and fastest access to Cedar Island for most of our guests. If you want to drive through the outer banks, the
ferry schedule is easier to manage departing from the Cedar Island Terminal, than from the Ocracoke Terminal. I recommend leaving Cedar Island by the Ferry if, you choose to visit Ocracoke or drive the outer banks (a fun day trip). The Outer Banks Highway is frequently washed “washed out” by large storms, so check the ferry schedules and road closings.

Driving from the North East (or Great Lakes)

Google and your GPS will probably route you by the shortest route: which is US Route 95, that transits the heart of the Northeast Megalopolis Corador: 500 miles of the nations worst congestion.

Here is how to avoid the rubble roads, soul-sucking traffic jams, parasitic tolls, homicidal drivers, polluted air and plundered landscape of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and God save us, Washington DC. If the aforementioned urban “attractions” don’t bother you, you may be wasting your hard earned money on fresh air, and unspoiled natures.

Why “run the gauntlet” then start your vacation with lethal blood pressure and bewildered by why a benevolent God would stop cleaning house at Sodom and Gomorrah?

Try my route. Enjoy the fresh Air, mountain vistas and pastoral landscapes, civilized roads, courteous Americans plus affordable food and lodging. The extra 70 – 100 miles is frequently faster, consumes less fuel, and is always more enjoyable. “America the Beautiful” still exists ! And isn’t that why you are coming here?


See the Map on the next page, for overall routing. The second map is a detail of the only confusing trip log of the routing.

From Scranton PA take I-81 S to Rt 66 then Take US-17 S to I-95 S through Richmond V A.

  • Note: Your GPS will likely direct you to exit Route 81 at Rual Route Rt 50/17. It is shorted, but it saves only one minute according to Google. Rt 66 is super-highway, new pavement, nice vistas, non stop, easy driving.
  • Your entrance point on Route 95 is well south of he Washington DC and the “Megalopolis” is over. Driving is usually easy and pleasant. Virginia and North Carolina maintain their pavement.

Any GPS will give you a good routing from there.

My GPS waypoint notes are:

  • Starting from Scranton, PA / Intersection of Route 81/84
  • “Winchester, VA 81/17”
  • “Warrenton V A Rt 17 Bypass” (use the well marked Warrenton Bypass)
  • Bethel NC Rt 64
  • Cedar Island NC 28520 (input your vacation address)


Scranton PA to Cedar Island NC

Detail Of Previous Map

Avoiding Washington DC

Cheap Gas Report

“Gas Buddy” Reports the Cheapest states to fill up:

SC / OH / TN / KY / VA / GA / NC /

(2017 Cheapest First four states my guest fill up in)


Beach House Guests Only

Driving on the Beach:

Advice for 4×4 Owners:

Several of our guests have brought Suburb Outback’s (compact 4×4 SUV) without problems. This is not a guarantee of your success. If you are inexperience in off road driving, you may be more comfortable walking the beach and we will bring in your luggage in our truck. If you have a full size 4×4 and off road or sand driving experience, you will not have a problem except in extraordinary weather conditions. In four years of Beach House rentals, every one of our hundreds of guest has made it to the house, one way or another. If you love the beach, nature and seclusion, you will love this house.

I am obligated to present my potential guests with the worst case scenario. You can get stuck. We have always been able to recover stuck card for out guests and no guest has been stuck this year, despite adverse conditions.

My advice is this. Don’t worry about getting to the house. Even if you are not comfortable driving down the beach, you can park on the pavement, a quick hike on the beach and you are there. We can bring you and your luggage in with our 4×4.

It is a ten minute hike on the beach from the paved road, where you can safely leave your car. If you are not renting this beach house to hike on the beach, you are renting the wrong house. A gorgeous beach hike is not a hardship, in my world. This is essentially a wilderness rental. If you crave unspoiled nature, you will not be disappointed. Hiking the beach for relaxation or on a mission, is equally enjoyable.

If you are concerned, when you arrive at the beach or dune road: walk three hundred feet to the water and look down the beach. See how you feel. If you can drive the first 300 feet, you have made it. The beach is easy driving because the sand is compacted by tides and wave action. The first 300 feet can be sugar sand and you need to keep rolling or you might get stuck in a less capable 4×4.

If you are a little uncomfortable with the prospects, let some air out of your tires. There is a gas station a mile away to re inflate your tires. If the first 300 feet scares you, follow your gut and let us ferry your luggage to the beach house. Don’t worry, this is a special spot that is worth a little extra effort.

We have never had a guest regret their vacation, because of any little inconveniences or access. This access “problem” helps maintain the privacy.

On the extreme opposite of your SUV 4×4, one guest showed up in a Porsche. I told him he was nuts to drive down the beach. But he did repeatedly without a problem. I still think he was nuts, but I can’t argue with success. I suspect he flew over the dunes, just hitting the high spots. My trick is a brisk but controllable speed so you never are at risk of sinking in.

Lots of people drive down the beach in two wheel drive pickups. We frequently don’t even bother engaging 4×4 on our old truck. But that is us. I am morally and legally obligated to present you with the worst case. You can get stuck. If that is going to ruin your vacation, this is too adventurous for you.

So far this year no one has gotten stuck A couple of people got stuck last year, mostly out of pathetic inexperience. We got them out, and they had great vacations.

Parking for Waterfront Houses

  • Only the “Zen Beach House Amphitheater” requires a sand capable vehicle. All other properties, just drive up to the front door and park. As long as there hasn’t been a lot of rain, you can drive and park on the grass. The Septic fields are marked off. Don’t park on them !!!
  • At the Bahamian breeze cottage, the septic field is in the side yard. Drive right up to the front door and use the wrap around driveway, drive through the driveway. No backing up, if you brought your trailer boat (very convenient).

Golf Cart Rentals

  • The Cedar Island Motel on the beach, is now renting new golf carts, to the public, for $50 per day or $250 for the week.
  • Golf carts on the beach are the best fun and transport. If you rented the beach house. and it is in your budget, it solves the beach access challenges.
  • The ferry to Ocracoke charges only $10 for a golf cart. Golf Carts are by far the best way to take a day trip to Ocracoke and explore. Drive off the ferry, down the beach and you are home. In Ocracoke, there is no is no parking problem with a golf cart. Most restaurants and shops let you park on the front lawn, and who cares. It is so easy to meet people or have them meet you. Put your dog in the back and everyone will love you, especially your dog. Renting the golf cars on Cedar Island is a fraction of the cost of renting a golf cart once you arrive in Ocracoke.
  • I prefer driving my golf cart around Cedar Island, and many locals agree. It is much more fun, friendly and ecological.
  • Bring your own golf cart or boat if you have them.


New Burn Airport (EWN)

The nearest commercial airport, with competitive car rentals. It is a scenic low stress of 1 Hr 28 Minutes. Google search “Drive New Burn, NC to 28520” for driving directions & details.

Pitt-Greenville Airport NC (PGV)

Phone 252-902-2025 // Website = http://www.flypgv.com/
400 Airport Road, Greenville, NC 27834
Drive to Cedar Island, NC 28520 = 2 h 24 min (115.5 mi) via US-70E
This tiny regional airport is a logistically easy, has some cheap flights and southern hospitality.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport, NC Carolina (RDU) 919) 840-2123

2400 Jogn Brantley Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560
Drive to Cedar Island 3.5 Hours = 198 miles Via US-70 E


Your Vacation House


We leave keys in a lock box near the front door. We will supply the combination, once we are paid in full. We are standing by, ready to assist your arrival, if needed. Please tell us your ETA., and we may just leave the house unlocked. It is that kind of island.

Keys & Greeting You On Arrival

  • Print out the Lock Box instructions in the beginning of your reservation confirmation email.
  • There is frequently only a few hours between guests when we do housekeeping. We typically leave the house unlocked a could of hours when we are expecting guests. There is virtually no crime on the island, because the same three families have dominated this island since the 1700. No one has ever been locked out.
  • I recommend contacting the property manager on duty a few days before your vacation begins to arrange “a meet and greet” on your arrival. He can familiarize you with the house and island. Remember this is an island and Cell phone service is spotty. We will call you back ASAP if you can’t get through. Don’t worry, we are expecting you. No one has ever been locked out
  • The day of your trip, call Shawn once you are in the car and have an estimated time of arrival. Shawn will do his best to meet and greet you.
  • If you do not have US Cellular or Verizon cell phone, you will have to rely on the hard wired house phone or wi-fi voice over internet (skype). Call us before you loose your cellular signal, or just let yourself in and we will catch up with you. Our houses have free Wi-Fi and a free land line with free national calling. You can also stop at the General Store or Ferry Terminal and make a Skype call from your smart phone.

Check in and Check Out

  • Official check in is 4:00 PM
  • Official check out is 11:00 AM
  • We try to be as flexible as possible in extending your vacation.
  • During peak season there is rarely more that a few hours between guests. So I tell our guests that at check out time, we expect your things to be packed and by the door. It may be hours before our cleaning staff arrives. Enjoy yourselves. Once cleaning starts, you are welcome to enjoy the decks, porch, property, beaches and kayaks, etc until the next guests arrive. It feels like you have added another lazy day to your vacation at no cost.
  • For Check In: you are welcome to arrive as early as 11:00 AM and enjoy the view, decks, porches, grounds, visit the beach, even go kayaking. But understand that your vacation home may not be cleaned yet. You can have full possession of the house at 4:00 or whenever our cleaning and linen changes are complete, which may be hours earlier.
  • Off peak, it is common that my guests are not departing and arriving on the same day. If we do not have guest arriving or departing the same days you have reserved, please arrive early, enjoy the day and or stay for the afternoon after your check out time.
  • The flexible check in and check out can make your vacation feel two days longer, at no additional cost. Check the Home Away calendar for our guest schedule. We are always looking for ways to add value and fun for your vacation dollar.
  • Beach House: If you have not been to the beach house before, try to arrive before sunset, or you might get a little lost, and a lot stuck in the stand. Besides, it is great to toast the official start of your vacation with a spectacular sun set over the dunes and a cold drink in your hand.

Cell Phone Reception on Island

US Cellular Reception = Excellent
Verizon Cellular Reception = Usually Usable

  • (Hint: switch to 3g to roam onto the Cedar Island Cell US Cellular Tower, or lock out the Ocracoke 4G tower)

AT&T / Sprint / T-Mobile = No Coverage (alternate suggestions below)

  • Guests have reported occasional AT&T Connection from the Mater Bedroom Deck.
  • Use Wi-Fi for Skype, Google or other Voice over Internet Service
  • Forward your phone to the vacation house Land Line during your vacation
  • Change your outgoing message voice mail message with instructions on the best way to contact you during your vacation

Phone Service at the Vacation Houses:

  • Land line phone procided with national service
  • Skype or other Voice over Internet
  • Use your device on the Wi-Fi

Smart TV

All entertainment is by internet and Wi-Fi. A Smart TV’s is provided, and familiarity with operating a smart TV and streaming entertainment like Netflix is essential. If needed, have your grand children train you, before you come, (if necessary). Broadcast TV is pathetic or non-existent. This is a wilderness island. There is no worthwhile broadcasts. The waterfront cottage has Satellite TV.


DSL internet and Wi-Fi are provided at all properties at maximum available speeds. Speeds and latency is adequate, but far from Fiber Optic service. There is plenty of bandwidth to stream Netflix, and for all communications etc.

Utility outages are rare, but do occur, and we are subject to the repair schedules of the utility company, like everyone else.

I need a constant connection to the internet to run my business, so I have both Verizon and US cellular Wi-Fi Hot Spots on my smart phones. They are convenient and provide coverage in rare outages. If you absolutely must have an internet connection at all times, you need a backup.

99% connectivity sounds great, but that is 1000% worse that the 99.9% connectivity that city dwellers are hooked on. If you are an internet junkie, this isn’t the place for you. If you need a reasonably reliable connection and normal bandwidth for communications and entertainment, you should be fine.

Bring your Favorite Book

Bring your favorite book. This is wilderness living. We sometimes have to resort to traditional self entertainment. If you can’t tolerate being “unplugged” from the wi-fi for a few hours or even a day, this might not be the vacation for you. Most of our guests come here for just that experience.

Fire and Fire Safety

Fire safety is especially important on an nature reserve island with a volunteer fire department. The fired department can’t even get to the beach house, and despite their best effort are sometimes “the chimney savers”. Please do not create any fire hazards on or around the house. No open fires. A propane Bar-B-Q is provided. There is a fire extinguisher under the sink.

Sheets and Towels

Fresh bed sheets, towels and linens are provided with the cleaning service.

Washer Dryer

For emergency use, you have a full size washer and dryer at the Beach House (not the Cottage). Please take your laundry home when possible. The beach septic systems are fragile. Never put bleach or any caustic cleaner down the drains. We launder the linens off site.


Dishes & Dishwasher, silverware and cooking utensils are provided. There is a coffee maker and microwave, plus the Beach House has a glass induction cook top and convection oven. The Cottage has a compact 4 burner Electric Stove and cavity oven. You should only need to bring your food. There may be some spices, but don’t count on it.

Bar-B Q

There is a propane Bar-B Q- right next to the kitchen and conveniently located on the front deck with a spectacular ocean and dune views at the Beach house and on the Front porch at the Cottage. For safety and conservation, please shut off the propane at the bottle, when not in use. Let us know if you are low on propane. We keep spare propane handy. If you need to “self save” your Bar-B-Q. Sherman’s General Store will swap the propane bottle for $25 and we will reimburse you. Keep us informed, and it won’t be necessary.

Drinking Water

The tap water is safe and drinkable, but hard. A Brita water filter pitcher, is provided and it satisfies my picky water standards. Bottled water and pure water ice is available at the local General Store.


Things to Do

Stress Reduction:

Stress reduction should be your number one goal for your ZEN vacation escape.

Professor Amber L. Pearson of Michigan State was the first to document that Ocean Views reduce stress and improve your health. We have your prescription.


The BEACH HOUSE has Kayaks on site that are easily launched in front of the beach house. They are very stable “ocean sit in” style. THE COTTAGE is a waterfront view property and is not suitable for kayak launching due to the sea wall. I invite either guests to use the little beach at my personal residence on the harbor (a 5 minute drive). The protected shallow and warm waters of Cedar Island Bay offer thousands of acres of kayaking adventures. You can paddle to a several islands or the sandy beaches across they bay, where a heard of wild horses has roamed since the 1700’s. Don’t try to pet the horses. They are wild and birthed 8 new foals that they are protective of. But they are accustomed to being photographed. Paddling the Harbor is easy and nearby, and there are numerous estuary canals supporting flocks of white egrets and pelicans, or go to a fishing spot or swimming beach, collect oysters for dinner. This is a great place for adventure kayaking.

Kayak Rentals

  • 2 single Kayaks or one double kayak
  • $50 a day / $100 for your stay
  • Note: The double Kayak is only available at Harbor location but can be used by either house.
  • For your safety and enjoyment, we urge you use the “buddy system” for all outdoor and water sport activities.

Swimming Safety in Pamlico Sound (YMCA)

I swim daily from May to November, but I grey up in New England. Normal swimmers prefer June to October. The YMCA had it’s summer swimming camp on Hog island, next to Cedar Island. Some YMCA recommendation are paraphrased below.

Swimming is safer on the sound side of the outer banks. There are no rip currents, and large marine life usually stays in the open ocean. Always use the “buddy system” for all outdoor and water sports, and swim during the day.

Use common sense. Wild dolphins pods are fun to watch but are not pets! Avoid direct contact with wild marine life.

Paradise Beach

If you are staying at the Beach house you are already at one of the last deserted private beaches on the Atlantic Coast. If you are at the Waterfront cottage you can drive there in 5 minutes. Go to the end of Route 12 and the Ferry Terminal divides the 5 miles of beaches. For beach chair, wading and surf fishing, most people go to the left side of the Ferry “Paradise Beach” Drive behind the very back of the old Driftwood hotel and park in the parking lot, or if you have beach sand capable 4×4 drive right out on the beach. No permits are needed. This is a private beach, and Cedar Island is old world America where people still welcome well behaved neighbors. Set up your umbrella and chairs, wade or fish. Walk down the beach. There are 13 house on the first ½ mile and then there is 2 miles of virgin, untouched beaches and dunes roads. Do not drive on any vegetation. Be careful not to cause erosion and you will be welcome.

Wild Horse Beach

On the right side of the Ferry is “Wild Horse Beach” This beach is strictly for beach comers, horses and dogs. Vehicles are not allowed except by property owners. To access this beach, turn right just before the Ferry into the “Driftwood Campground” and stay left on the paved road down to the new launch ramp where you can park. The beach is on the right and some hidden steps gets you down to the Beach. The beach just gets better and better as you walk two miles down the beach. A heard of wild horses swam ashore in the 1700’s from a sinking Spanish Galion and the beach islands have had horses and cattle on them since then. The result is that they have been “fertilizing” the dunes for several hundred years, and parts of the dunes are now rolling meadows that go down to the golden sand beach. I have sailed the entire Atlantic Coast and never seen anything like it. The wild horses had 8 foals this year. The horses are protective of their young. They tolerate beachcombers and shutter bugs, but don’t try to pet the wild horses. You can pet and groom the domestic horses at the stable, if you like. The wild horses won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. The same advice applies for any cattle or other wild animals. See the section on Horse Riding for a sunset ride with Cheryl’s at Outer Banks Stable. It is very common to see herds of wild horses on wild horse beach, but not directly in front of the house.

Horse Riding on Cedar Island Beach (40 Seconds)


Ship Shoal Island

When you get to the end of the beach, you can walk across the inlet to the Ship Shoal Island, walk another mile to this completely deserted beach island, and then walk across then cross the next inlet to Hog Island.

Hog Island

Hog Island is the larger island and has a camp that is occasionally used by the boys and girls club, but is usually uninhabited. Both these island are easily accessible with kayaks from the harbor launch site, or by paddling down the beach. Walking across the inlets is only for the adventurous and healthy, at the deep points the water will be waste high or higher. Use good judgment or ride a horse across with a Cheryl as your professional guide

Cedar Island VS the Outer Banks Islands

Cedar Island that is closer to the Outer Banks than the main land. However, it has a 7 mile “National Scenic Outer Banks” causeway and Gaskil highway bridge, so it is easy to drive to. Cedar Island is the ferry departure point for the outer banks beaches, which are larger islands.

I am not aware of any remaining place on the outer banks island chain, that has the privacy and tranquility of Cedar Island. See for yourself: take the ferry to Ocracoke for the day ($1 each way). When you
see the ferry docking (viable from the living-room or wraparound porch, walk 10 minutes down the beach, and walk on. No reservations needed. Ocracoke is a cute fishing village. You can see it all in a day trip. At the end of your vacation, Pay $20 to ferry your car to Ocracoke, and drive up the outer banks . In my opinion, it is worth doing once, but it is paradise lost. Anything that can be built on, has turned into low rise (3 story) mini Miami Beach. Not for me. It is a crime against nature.


Cedar Islanders’ have an independent wilderness culture. Friendly dogs are welcome everywhere (including all beaches) at all times of the year (unlike the outer banks that has sever restrictions, and a virtual ban during peak season).

There are no leash laws. Local dog have a great life, adventuring and socializing at will. They have “wilderness smarts”, and are relatively safe roaming freely in the 14,000 acres of beaches, dunes, Islands, forests and estuaries. “City dogs” need supervision during off leash leisure activities. I recommend keeping your dog within calling distance, and not leaving them out overnight.

Boat Launching

Definitely bring your trailer boat. There are four great options for launching your boat, all within a few minutes of anywhere on Cedar Island. Free public boat ramps are at the end of Lola Road, adjacent to Thorofare Bridge on NC Highway 12, and just east of the Ferry Terminal. It is an easy cruise across the Core Sound, Portsmouth Island and the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Ask for details if you are bring a boat.


Fishing, crabbing and oyster harvesting are favorite actives. Pamlico Sound is North America’s largest Salt Water Lagoon measuring 90 miles long and 30 miles wide. It is famous for it’s flavorful plump shrimp, and diverse sea food.

Recreational fishing is extraordinary too. A good Website is: http://tarpamguide.com/fisheries

More Sought after Species:

  • Speckled Trout
  • Puppy or Slot Drum (Redfish)
  • Flounder
  • Striped Bass
  • Other Catches
  • Gray trout
  • Spadefish
  • Sheapshead
  • Tautogs
  • Bluefish
  • Spanish mackerel
  • and a host of other species inhabit Pamlico Sound

Fishing, hunting and boating guides are available, but reserve early. They are in high demand. See contact information below.

Web Site North Carolina Fisheries http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/

N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries 252-726-7021 or 800-682-2632
3441 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557

Sea Life

There are common sightings of dolphin pods, sea otters and sea turtles. Good judgement should always be used by the water. Swimming during mid day is always safest.


The wide sound side beaches close to the Cedar Island ferry terminal produce interesting finds for beachcombers, including weathered scallops, clams, oysters, and periwinkles. Many of these shells have effectively been buried for hundreds of years, which accounts for their stark-white appearance. Visitors can also take a boat trip across the sound to Portsmouth Island, which is renowned as one of the best shelling destinations in North Carolina.

Bird Watchers

Over 270 species of birds have been observed in the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge. The endangered Brown Pelican, blue herons, egrets, and ibises are sighted daily, even in the populated waterfronts.

Other favorite birds are green heron, small blue heron, cattle egret, clapper and Virginia rails, marsh hawks, laughing gulls, belted kingfisher, and long-billed marsh wren. The secretive black rail sings all night on calm spring nights. Warblers and other migrating birds use Cedar Island as their vacation stop over.

Waterfowl peak in December & January at estimated populations of 10,000 Redheads, 6,000 Lesser Scaup, and 400 Black Ducks and bountiful other waterfowl.

Cedar Island Bird Pictures on crash-O-matic Government Website


Duck Hunting

Cedar Island has world class duck hunting that has attracted numerous presidential visits. Find out everything you need to know at the North Carolina Duck Hunting Web Site:



400 acres of the Cedar Island National Wildlife are open seasonally for hunters, with permits. Contact the Refuge office 252-926-4021 for permit gouging and bureaucratic exploitation. Note: Hunting politicians is only allowed in Texas, and only with the honorary Dick Cheney hunting permit. You can buy your Amo at our country store cash register (between the candy and ice cream). Remember: Politicians are never in season in North Carolina. They wrote a law about it.

Professional Guide for Duck Fishing, Hunting and Boating

Cedar Island is one of America’s most famous Duck Hunting destinations, that has attracted Presidents, and enthusiasts from around the world for over a century. Our most experienced, fun and safety conscious guide to adventure is “Buddy” Goodwin. You have to pay for the Best, but I have never heard of anyone being disappointed.

Captin Buddy Woodwin
Goodwin’s Guide Service
252-225-7810 or 252-725-3207
PO BOX 568 Cedar Island, NC 28520
Email goodwinsguide@embarqmail.com
Web Site http://www.goodwinsguide.com

Riding Stables at Wild Horse Beach

Outer Banks Riding Stables at Cedar Island Beach, NC

Your Equestrian Guide
Ted Gottschalk 252-342-8321 Voice & Text /

Tell Ted Rodney sent you.
120 Driftwood Dr Cedar Island, NC 28520
Next to the Ocracoke Ferry

Area Recreational Information

You will have an unforgettable experience.

Ride the pristine beach and lush dues with Cheryl, the stable owner and venerable riding instructor. She will personally select a horse for your riding skills and size. The stable has 16 beautiful and gentile horses and ponies. Ride during the day or take the sunset ride (my favorite). Cheryl will even take a movie of you galloping through the surf at sunset.

You are likely to see our herds of wild horses on the miles of private beach. These horses on the island started as descendants of shipwrecked horses that swam to shore in the 1700. Eight new foals were born this year. Very cool, but keep your distance.

The wild heard is tolerant of spectators, but protective of their young. The wild horses herds forge the inlets to Ship Shoal and Hog Island. Cheryl can take you across the inlets, if you don’t mind feet wet. You even can walk across in most tides. But the water is at least waste deep.

Ferry to Ocracoke

  • Location: At the end of Route 12 (visible from the beach house)
  • Walk on’s (with Bicycle) $1 No reservation needed for walk on
  • Automobile is $15 one way. Reservations are accepted but rarely needed except during very peak passages.
  • Reservations:
    https://ferry.ncdot.gov or phone = 800-BY-FERRY

Cedar Island History

Historians estimate that Cedar Island was originally populated with local Native Americans, and later by European Settlers in the 1700s. Some historians believe Cedar Island was the original American “lost colony of Roanoke”. Cedar Island has a unique atmosphere appealing to wilderness nature lovers and coastal fans alike.

Cedar Island has 350 residents mostly related to each other by the three families that have inhabited the fishing community for centuries. Only a handful of vacation rental homes are offered for un-touristy wilderness vacationing naturists.

Insect Protection

Be prepared and you will be fine. The “Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge” is 14,480 Acres of Wilderness that comprises 98% of Cedar Island. The constant breezes driven by the Cape Hatteras weather systems, blow most of the insects off shore, most of the time. But when we get a calm day, or light breeze from the nature refuge, be prepared with repellent and sensible clothes, especially at sunrise and sunset. Tight weave clothing in Light colors are good insect deterrents.

My favorite insect repellent is “Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus” oil, available on Amazon for $6. Lemon Eucalyptus is recommended by US Health Department along with DEET. Very effective, pure natural oils that are completely non toxic. When you see how it works, you may learn to love the smell.

The Marines are issued “Skin So Soft”. Not kidding. See what you think.

Deep Woods DEET repellents is probably only needed by hunters, but always good to have in reserve.

“After Bite” applied immediately after a bite, suppresses the itch and speeds the recovery. I recommend the Gel version. About $3 on Amazon

Sherman’s general store has repellents. I suggest you bring your favorite. Be prepared and you will enjoy your wilderness vacation to the fullest.

Very Small Game Hunting (Electrocuting Insects)

We have provided: “The Exterminator”. It is and orange and black mini tennis racket that is strung with 25,000 volts (but harmless amperage).

If a mosquito contacts the electric grid, there is a loud, satisfying “report” (bang) announces the vaporized insect.

To operate, push the button on the side of the handle. The red LED will come on, and the game is afoot.

The easiest way to exterminate your quarry is let them land on something, slowly bring the racket over their position. When the bug takes off, they fly into “the grid”. Bang, they are vaporized. Score one for Humanity without the squashed bug memorial.

It is sportier to sweep them from the skies. A slow steady sweep is best. If they dare attack you, just sweep the racket slowly around your head until you hear the “report” of their demise. It is so satisfying and so easy. Try it, you will see. Don’t contact the grid on the racket or you will get a harmless little “static Electricity” type spark. Big bugs may need a second zap after knocking them senseless.

Food (Stocking Up)

We suggest stocking up on your favorite foods when you drive through the last Major City, (either New Burn or Beaufort / Morehead City. Returning to Beaufort is a 35 mile drive from Cedar Island. Take “The Outer Banks National Scenic Seashore Byway”: a lovely drive with no traffic. The cities have Major National Supermarkets, organic grocers and a Super Walmart. I usually bring my Coleman cooler, packed with fresh food from my home supermarket. If you don’t open the Cooler, it will stay cool for days.

Sherman’s General Store & “Redneck Internet Cafe” (5 minutes)

Use the free Wi-Fi to make Skype calls, if you’re your Cell phone reception is poor.

Ammo by the cash register for impulse buyers and Constitutional Defenders.

Also called “Island Choice” Their Motto is: “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it” (but you might want it)

You can’t miss the General Store. It is the only retail business on Cedar Island. They have great old fashioned Ice Cream and Ice. Our little Country General Store is surprisingly well stocked and is always a friendly meeting place for the community.

The Cedar Island Country General Store is a five minute drive. They have what you need in a pinch, but is probably not where you want to do your primary provisioning.

Dollar General (12 Minute Drive)

Dollar General has a larger selection, but is in the next town. , and not a family business.



Skarkies Bar & Grill at the Beach

Casual Dining in a pub environment, right at the beach. Walk there from the beach house. A few minutes away from anywhere else on the island. Good food, modest prices, sports bar and pool section. Occasional special events.

Don’s Grill at Morris Marina Waterfront Restaurant (12 Minute Drive)

252-225-0548 // 252-225-4261
1000 Morris Marina Rd., Atlantic, NC 28511
Closed 12/1 to March 1
Casual lunch and dinner dining on the waterfront. Call ahead. They are on “Island Time” The crab dished get rave reviews.

White Point Take-Out 252-225-1500 (12 Minute Drive)

101 Core Sound Loop Road, Atlantic, NC 28511
Good Food and Low Prices.

Nelson Bay Cafe 252-225-0202 (15 Minute Drive)

604 US-70, Sealevel, NC 28577
Casual dining in a simple atmosphere, but surprisingly good food and remarkably affordable. Southern Fried Chicken is a Favorite.

The Fish House (5 Minute Drive)

“Quality Sea Food” is a family owned wholesale sea food distributor. They are conveniently located in the middle of the island. DON’T ! ask them to clean your fish and they certainly won’t cook them. Selling fresh seafood by the truck load is their business. They are doing you a favor by selling you dinner. You will never eat fresher
sea food, even if you catch it yourself! All seafood is on the trucks by noon, and in the restaurants for dinner. If you ask nicely, they will take good care of you. Get there by mid morning. Bring a cooler to put your iced fish and shrimp in, or they will ice it in a plastic bag. You will be rewarded by the freshest fish and shrimp you have ever had. On Cedar Island, if it wasn’t swimming a few hours ago, it isn’t fresh. This is an old world fishing community. If the green tail shrimp are “running”, don’t miss out. Green Tail Shrimp is exceptionally firm flavorful. and you won’t find it anywhere else. If they have oysters de-jour – you will find out what a truly fresh oyster tastes like. We can sometimes hook you up with wholesale fresh live oysters, and we harvest some from right in front of our houses.

Portsmouth Island Visitors Guide

This website has all the vital information

Incorporated in 1753, Portsmouth at Ocracoke Inlet was a vital entry for maritime commerce. After hurricanes compromised the inlet and Civil War economic devastation, the 600 residents migrated away until completely abandon. It is now managed by the National Park Service for historic preservation. The classic lifesaving station survives with 27 foot “Monomoy surfboats” similar traditional double-ended lapstrake whaling boats that could be rowed or sailed. The dwellings and other community structures are frozen the proceeding centuries. The public is welcomed.

Beach Rental ATV’s

Portsmouth Island Fishing and Ferries at Morris Marina

Morris Marina, Atlantic, NC 252-225-4261
1000 Morris Marina Rd, Atlantic, NC 28511
Official concessionaire of the Cape Lookout National Seashore (outer banks), the National Park Service Morris Marina Runs the Ferry next to the, Don’s Grill. Runs every odd hour, starting at 9:00 AM. $75 per car. Fisherman, campers go out there. There is an abondon town too. Bring bug repellent.

Cedar Island Federal Wildlife Sanctuary

Cedar Island is 98% Federal Nature Preserve. If you love nature, there are endless places to go and things to do, and vistas waiting for photographers. 14,000 acres of wilderness await exploration.

Waterfowl & Heritage Museum    40 Min. Drive

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Museum
1785 Island Rd, Harkers Island, NC 28531
252-728-1500    http://coresound.com


Cedar Island Methodist Church Established. 1884 / 1935
11 AM Service pastor Rev. Darcy J. Knight presiding
2943 Cedar Island Rd, Cedar Island, NC 28520

Pilgrims Rest Original Freewill Baptist Church Established . 1908
621 Lola Rd, Cedar Island, NC 28520

Maritime Museum of Beaufort    1.3 Hr. Drive

315 Front St. Beaufort, NC 28516
252-728-7317    9 to 5    http://www.maritimefriends.org/

The Beaufort Maritime Museum focuses on maritime heritage, coastal environment and natural history. “Blackbeard’s Revenge” is a favorite but other great exhibits include shells to shipwrecks, fish models, ship equipment, historic watercraft for whaling, oystering, , waterfowl hunting, duck decoys, and venomous snakes. The small aquarium displays local marine life. Histories of the Lighthouse Service, life Saving Services, and US Coast Guard are explored. The Boat Shed is a repair and conservation facility venerable watercraft, and offers boat building courses, and features the John S. MacCormack Boat Model Shop.

The North Carolina Museum of History and North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources are other points of interest.

Aquarium    1.3 Hr. Drive

North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores    252) 247-4003
1 Roosevelt Blvd, Pine Knoll SHores, NC 28512
Fun for all ages 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Daily / 1.3 Hr. Drive
Our guests love it
Includes interactive “touch pools”, a submarine tank with local creatures including otters to sharks.

Water Park for Kids

Water Boggan Of Emerald Isle 252-354-2609

8915 Reed Drive, Emerald Isle, NC 28594
If you go to town, the kids might enjoy the water park.
It is a family operation and their website was down at this writing.
The Trip Advisor has reviews. Link Below.

You Tube Video’s

Beach – Dunes and Beach House Video (Must Watch !!!)


Horse Riding on Cedar Island Beach (40 Seconds)




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